Safety and Hygiene Protocol Masaje y Bienestar


• Professional Therapeutic Massage Service

• Facial Treatments


• It is obtained only by appointment by calling tel. 664 906 9481, through our page, through the WhatsApp number 664 784 0459, through Instagram or Facebook.

• The appointments follow the reincorporation plan according to the directions of the Government of the State of Baja California.

• Maximum capacity corresponds to 30%

• Maximum of two patients at the same time.

• Only individual sessions per booth.

• It is necessary to carry out a short telephone questionnaire in relation to the health status of the patients during the last days.


• Please skip an appointment and / or cancel if you have any of the following symptoms: fever, eye pain, difficulty breathing, dry cough, sore throat, loss of sense of smell or taste.

• Faced with any indicator of symptoms, the patient may NOT be treated for the safety of all.

• It will be attended individually: do not go with companions or small children who are not going to perform services. There are exceptions for clients who need help. In this case a special protocol will be applied.


• The use of a mask is required, if you do not have it, we will provide you with a new mask.

• Measure the temperature at the entrance of the establishment with an infrared thermometer.

• Disinfect templates following instructions from our staff.

• Disinfect hands following instructions from our staff.

• Do not enter the establishment before the previous customer has left.


• Sanitized reception before and after receiving each patient.

• Signs in reception, cabins and bathrooms.

• Enabling spaces to guarantee the minimum distance (2 meters) between patients at the reception.

• Each cabin is sanitized in each session.

• Each stretcher is sanitized in each session.

• Each cabin has a sink.

• In each session, a plastic box is lent to each previously sanitized patient to deposit personal items and clothing.

• Use of NEW disposables in each session.

• The staff will have a uniform for the exclusive use of work within the establishment.

• The staff will wear a mask.

• Staff will wear goggles or face shield.

• The staff is constantly monitoring for the timely detection of any symptoms of discomfort.

• The company is responsible for providing all the Massage and Wellness Spa team with face masks, glasses, gloves and providing materials and supplies for disinfection.


Payment by card, electronic transfer or PayPal is recommended to avoid the use of physical money.

Try to ensure that throughout your stay at Masaje y Bienestar you try to touch as few objects and surfaces as possible.


Precautions are taken with those patients considered more vulnerable (affected by diabetes, cardiovascular diseases including hypertension, chronic lung diseases, immunodeficiency, cancer patients in the active phase of treatment, pregnancy and over 60 years) for their own safety, since the Secretary of Health has defined them as such in the face of Covid-19.

A specific time slot is enabled for people over 65 years of age from 9 am to 12 pm from Monday to Friday.